I create beauty with my hands

MSérénité is a unique place on the map of Berlin, where I embrace the principle of 'Slow beauty' and employ a holistic approach, aiming for long-lasting effects while maintaining harmony between beauty and health. I offer a range of natural facial rejuvenation treatments, such as the unique Kobido ritual, known as a non-surgical facelift, Gu-Sha massage, and the revolutionary Facemodeling™, a manual therapy for facial biological renewal. These treatments are seamlessly integrated with body massages and cosmetic procedures. Discover the power of natural rejuvenation therapies in a holistic dimension with me.

I warmly invite you to visit MSérénité.

About me

About me

Monika Hanna Czyryca

I am a masseuse, physical therapist, beautician and organic facial rejuvenation therapist.

MSérénité was created as a result of my more than 15 years of experience working with the human body.

I am constantly developing and improving my skills. I combined my experience and skills, thanks to which I can provide my clients with professional treatments in a holistic dimension. Treatments with me are a long-term cooperation, not only the treatment performed, but also learning self-massage and tips on how to take care of your body and beauty from the inside.

I invite you into my world of holistic beauty.

Your Monika



Beauty treatments and massages

I believe that beauty is in harmony with our health, well-being and lifestyle.

The beauty of our face is not only the skin and what is visible from the outside, but above all the condition of our tissues and psyche, which form the basis of our beauty.

Thanks to an individual approach, I can offer the most well-chosen treatments and give you advice and tips that will help you achieve the results you expect.

MSérénité is a place where you experience deep relaxation, your body regains vitality and your skin regains radiance and elasticity.



"Laughter: the best cosmetic for the outside and the best medicine for the inside." Phil Bosmans

"Sérénité" is balance, it's my way of preserving health, beauty and joie de vivre. Work, daily rituals, cooking, travel, time for yourself, ways to deal with stress.

I have went through a big metamorphosis myself and now I want to share my experience, tips and life hacks with others.